Least angry person in Germany

I asked my cat to write a description for this video and this is what he came up with:

This is my csgo funny moments video’s description based on the latest youtube gaming trends such as: cs:go, halo infinite, squid game, valorant, pubg mobile, fnaf, five nights at freddies, dominoes, fifa 22, fall guys, pokemon, battleground mobile india and genshin impact:

Our epic trip from halo end and quake started back in 2008 and is still on! One more month and still totally spontaneous! Don’t forget your lights at your back while we share such crazy excitements!

More wacky and chaotic antics!

Elden uses such phrases regularly while celebrating pubg under the hippies tent and screams “CS:GO LOL PUBG”. Our van with girder driven head up held at front contains 90hrs of dumb adventures such as being captured by pissers from pubg and carrying logs. Funny moments while driving on ring road under vagaries and making flying call now also realize now. Glad to wake up next morning even in rain that makes you experience perfect bus transfers, perfect stays, so many memorable conversations over cups of fresh orange juice in the sunny beaches.

My dog came up with this one:

csgo: the latest competitive game, pubg mobile: the most popular mobile game, valorant: a new mobile game that’s gaining popularity, fall guys: a new app that’s becoming popular, funny moments: the best funny moments from youtube gaming, fnaf: the famous horror game, genshin impact: the newest entry in the Guilty Gear series, and fifa 22: the world’s most popular football game.
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