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In This video, I made a multiplayer squid game but the games are indian!
it really took me more than two weeks! While researching for the squid game I found many different topics to kick start the indian version of squid game.
I think whole YouTubers are done their work with squid games they made squid games in real life, squid songs, making squid game in game engine, and also many other stuff!

The squid game is also famous for red light green light I have also covered that with squid game hindi voices from the doll! The game was easy to make in unity 3d and I think no one literally needs a tutorial to make that! but the hard part comes in the multiplayer section! it is very tough for an indie game developer to make multiplayer games, because also we can’t afford the server prices, and networking is in its own way!

So for now I have added only 3 rounds in the game, Red light green light, The Glass One And Musical Chairs! But The hardness is one the another level!

And time no assets were used from unity assets store (3d only) 😉

Thank You For Watching 😉
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this game is only made for fun purposes. There is no Hate, promotions, and monetization done for this game!


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