This full-day event is dedicated to game development, covering both the Unity and Unreal Engine sides of the spectrum.

0:00 Intro
7:06 Five Game Developer Habits That Help Software Engineers Reach the Next Level! – Alexander Chatzizacharias, Erik Pronk
1:11:18 Making Plugins for Game Engines as a Business – Alexander Pirogov, Victor Careil
1:48:20 Welcome to Rider, your one stop gamedev IDE! – Matt Ellis
2:25:45 Unreal Engine Game Optimization on a Budget – Tom Looman
3:24:50 Unity Packages: From WTF to FTW With Needle Tools – Felix Herbst
4:43:59 Making UIs With C++ in Unreal Engine – Ben UI
5:12:58 Wrap-up

Check out the full agenda: #gamedev #unity #unrealengine