In today’s Roblox gaming video the Krew are playing Squid Games and you can win prizes. The first-place prize is $1000, the second-place prize is $50 Robux, and the third-place prize gets a Cheeto bag. The first game is red light, green light, and this game was very intense because someone was pushing everyone, which wasn’t really fair. There was also a hacker in the first game because he walked around pushing people while it was a red light. Cilla, Maddy, and Anthony were all lucky though because they won the first game. The second game was the dalgona challenge, which is also hard. The Krew won this challenge as well. This is easy so far; they had a lot of practice. Cilla, Maddy, and Anthony are all in the main room and suddenly the lights turn off, everyone fears the hacker. They are all trying to hide from him. The next game continued, and it was a tug of war. Cilla lost this game. Now it was between Maddy and Anthony to win the first prize. The next game was stepping on the glass. If you want to know who won the first prize you must watch this video until the end. We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed playing it.
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