By the end of this video you’ll be able to play SQUID GAME in Roblox VR on the Oculus quest 2 –

Squid game is the hugely popular Netflix show and today im showing you how to play red light/green on Roblox vr. in squid Game episode 1 the first game within the show (Red light Green light) Has been made exclusively in VR on Roblox. Yes it costs Robux (100) but it is a very different feel to other non VR version and has been remade in Roblox VR. Want to see more Roblox content? More roblox VR? What did you think about that intro?

Links for the game –
Oculus app:

You all know the premise of the game. Move when its green light, stand still when its green light and do NOT move or that will be the ned of you.

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