Welcome Gamers! Today we’re Playing Silly Royale (Squid Royale). Silly Royale also known as Silly World/Devil Amongst us is a fun to play real time online #multiplayer game . Silly Royale #Gameplay with Silly Royale New Update and Silly Royale #Challenge, Silly Royale Devil Amongst us Devil Gameplay is #Fun #Sillyroyale .

About Game : 😈 Silly Royale Best played with 12 players in a Haunted Mansion or Prison with in-built voice chat & emoticons!
It gets even better – Adopt your own Silly #Pet 🐶and take it to all the game modes with you!

Create your own Silly Avatar and get selected to play as a “Silly” or a “Devil” in Hide N Seek & Murder Mystery mode & as a “Cop” or “Robber” in Jail Break Mode.

Game Modes 🕹️ Choose between playing our 3 Modes

Hide and seek 🕵🏻‍♀️ – Who hasn’t played Hide & Seek as a kid? And if you haven’t, history always repeats itself! Complete all mini-tasks and use hiding #spots to escape the Devil who is coming for you. As a Silly, you have to find a spot to hide and make sure the Devil doesn’t catch you. As the #Devil, make sure you get every last Silly on the map! #Sounds like #fun? INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and get right to it.

🏰 Murder Mystery – Mystery Mansion – A social deduction game where all your friends are suspect now. Who will you trust? But beware of the imposter who will #sabotage your task. The only way to set the haunted mansion free from these #impostors/spirits is by completing all the mini-tasks inside the mansion and solving the #murder #mystery.
Vote ✅: Vote to evict the Devil, but be careful not to evict an Innocent #Silly since you will be helping the Devils win the game.

👮 Jail Break – Cops vs Robbers Outwit the cops and escape the prison with your friends. In a classic Cops and Robbers game, Silly’s selected as Cops will need to capture all #Robbers before they escape the Prison. Robbers would need to work together and complete all the mini-games to #Jail break. Beware! If Cops catch you helping your robber inmates, they will bash you up in the game. Who do you think will succeed? Cops or Robbers?

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